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TUZ14 - Yellow ¼" tubing

Yellow 1/4 inch tubing

Product description

Yellow elastic tube ¼" used in reverse osmosis systems, under-counter filters, and also used for pressure connections in water treatment systems. Tube is also used by manufacturers of refrigerators for connecting water to the water dispenser and ice maker.

Tube fits for all connectors and quick-connectors, that work with ¼" hoses. It is characterized by high resistance to high pressure (it is recommended that the pressure does not exceed 10 bar).

The tubing is made of polyethylene plastic with a very high degree of polymerization, high resistance to acids, bases, salts and most organic compounds and chemicals. Polyethylene is distinguished by its sliding properties while maintaining a very high resistance to abrasion. Corrosion resistance ensures long service life of the components, and at the same time does not require any maintenance.

Product name TUZ14
Diameter 1/4" (6mm)
MAX pressure up to 10 bar
Material polietylen

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