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Merlin membranes

Merlin membranes

Product description

Osmonics membrane for reverse osmosis filters with a nominal efficiency 350 gpd, 350 gallons per day (1350 litres) under optimal conditions. Due to the standard dimensions membrane is suitable for all reverse osmosis systems, both for aquaristic and household.

Osmotic membrane removes up to 99% of all water pollution. Effectively removes harmful organic and inorganic substances, heavy metals and some bacteria and viruses. Do not use it to water of unknown origin or microbiologically contaminated.

High quality material "Filmtec" is used for the production of Osmonics osmotic membranes. Each membrane is signed with an individual serial number, this procedure allows for constant quality control and immediate elimination of any attempt to impersonating the manufacturer.

Produkt name M360-M
Efficiency 350 GPD 1350L/24h
Diameter 3,16"
Lenght 18,75"
Persistence 6 years
Chlorine tolerance 1 mg/L
Operating pressure 2,8-6 bar

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