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SOO75-5MBP - Reverse osmosis system


Product description

System designed to improve the quality of water by reverse osmosis, one of the most advanced methods of water purification. Removes 90-98% of all water pollution: mechanical, compounds dissolved and micro-organisms.

    The filter is intended mainly for household and contains 7 stages of filtration:
  • Sediment filter 20 mic - removes pollution type: sand, mud, sludge, dust, rust size greater than 20 mic.
  • Activated carbon filter - removes chlorine and many organic and inorganic compounds.
  • Sediment filter 5 mic - removes pollution type: mud, sludge, dust, rust size greater than 5 mic.
  • Reverse osmosis membrane - the most important part of the system-removes: bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, radioactive elements and many other compounds dissolved in water.
  • Post-carbon filter – improves the taste, color and smell of water stored in the reservoir.
  • Mineralization filter - add minerals to purified water necessary for human organism such as: magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium.
  • Refine bioceramic - FIR (far infrared rays) works on the principle of resonance particles of water through a media of tourmaline-formed in the shape of a balls. Activates water molecules, improves metabolism, increases the solubility of oxygen improves the efficiency of the nervous system, reduces the level of acidity in the body.

System provides additional pump to assist in the case of low pressure feed water which results in higher efficiency of reverse osmosis membrane, faster filling of the tank storage and all the accessories you need to install and use a filter such as: a set of cartridges, reverse osmosis membrane, faucet for the purified water, storage tank and assembling kit.