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SOO75-3 - Aquarium water filter


Product description

System intended to improve the quality of water by reverse osmosis. One of the most advanced methods of water purification. Removes 90-98% of all water pollution: mechanical, compounds dissolved and micro-organisms.

    The filter is intended mainly to all types of aquariums and contains 3 levels of filtration:
  • In-line sediment filter 5 mik - removes pollution type: sand, mud, sludge, dust, rust size greater than 5 mik.
  • In-line activated carbon filter - removes chlorine and many organic and inorganic compounds.
  • Reverse osmosis membrane - the most important part of the system-removes: bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, radioactive elements and many other compounds dissolved in water.

System contains all the accessories needed to be installed such as: reverse osmosis membrane, feed water adapter, connecting tubes.