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DWD-GR Water dispenser


Product description

TOP FILTER water dispensers are perfect solution for drinking water needs for offices, hospitals, schools, etc. In contrast to the water dispenser with bottles, it continuously provide high quality clean and healthy water using reverse osmosis integrated systems. Throughout the year, 24 hours a day, depending on the need to provide a refreshing, cool water in the summer heat, cold water to fruit drinks or hot water for making tea and coffee.

Dispensers are hygienic and esthetic devices that purify tap water from chemical and bacteriological pollutants, as well as chlorine and free gases causing bad taste and odor of water.

The dispenser is equipped with high quality reverse osmosis system along with water tanks. For installation simply connect to the source of feed water and sewerage system (in both cases, we include the appropriate connections).

Electronic temperature control allows you to instantly obtain hot water at a temperature of 85-100 °C. Modern and functional housing has been designed for ease of use and maintenance.

Technical specification
Dimensions in cm 40 / 32 / 104 cm
Cold water storage volume 2 L
Hot water storage volume 2 L
Warm water storage volume 8 L
Hot water energy consumption 700 W
Cold water energy consumption 100 W
Refrigeration system CFC-free
Voltage / Freq. 230 V / 50 Hz
Weight 19 kg (netto)
Temperature of feed water 2-45 °C
Efficiency of distributor max 378 L/24h
Annual cost of exploitation 19-24 €