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WZM - Softening cartridges

Softening cartridges

Product description

WZM softening cartridges contains filtrating medium in form of fine ion exchange resin.

Hard water causes scaling on the heating elements of water heaters and heating pipes. This speeds up the consumption of household appliances such as washing machine or dishwasher and leads to an increase in electricity consumption of these devices. Hard water reduces the formation of foam from soap and other detergents, reducing their effectiveness, which causing increased consumption and cost. Fabrics washed in hard water become stiff, rough and lose their colors.

Types and properties of the cartridges:

Product no. Filtration rating Height Diameter Service life* Temperature range
WZM10 < 10 mik 10" 2½" max 1000 L 2-42 °C
WZM10B < 10 mik 10" 4½" max 1750 L 2-42 °C
WZM20B < 10 mik 20" 4½" max 3000 L 2-42 °C

* Depending on water pollution