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WWG - Activated carbon cartridges

Activated carbon cartridges

Product description

Cartridges with high quality activated carbon in granular form. Removes chlorine from the water, chlorine-like solvents, most chlorine-based pesticides and many aromatic compounds (this improves the taste and smell of water).

The activated carbon in the form of granulate has a much larger filtration surface compared to activated carbon block filters. Cartridges of this series are particularly recommended for the treatment of water from water company.

Types and properties of the cartridges:

Product no. Filtration rating Height Diameter Service life* Temperature range
WWG10 < 10 mik 10" 2½" 8000 L 2-42 °C
WWG10B < 10 mik 10" 4½" 14000 L 2-42 °C
WWG20B < 10 mik 20" 4½" 24000 L 2-42 °C

* Depending on water pollution